We are privileged to welcome you to Church at the Well for your first time visit. We are a non-denominational, scripturally based church, with a deep desire to know and serve God.  Our vision is to see people saved, healed, set free, equipped, and empowered in order to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Times & location

Love God, Love People, Disciple Nations

To be a safe place where people can come to be healed, redeemed and restored, through Christ, in order to fulfill His vision for their life.

What We Believe

Firmly rooted in Scripture and revealed to us by the Holy Spirit, our beliefs guide our decisions as a church. To read about our beliefs on God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, salvation and more, click the link below.

What we believe

We're just real, imperfect people serving a real and perfect God.
Even though she was a sinner and an outcast, Jesus sought the woman at the well, and even used her to lead many to Him (John 4:4-39). He is not the God of the perfect; He is the God of the imperfect. He is the One who takes the broken and makes them whole. At The Well, we're a body made up of broken and imperfect people, trusting the God who can heal all things.