Financial Mentorship

Learning the tools to take control of your finances one decision at a time.

God wants us to be successful in every aspect of our lives, including our finances. This includes being a good steward over the provision we are given, blessing others in need, and striving to increase our ability to sow into ministry. One positive effect of being financially prepared is that we can be a light and strength to others during hard economic times. An open discussion can begin to realize one faults and gain successful budgeting, to be debt free and understanding how important retirement is. 

More than anything, financial preparation and protection facilitate personal freedom, which is directly tied to the freedom of The Gospel.   Our purpose is preparing and protecting ourselves financially so we may remain focused on spiritual matters.   

I am inspired to help others with the basics of finance and investment needs, as I have been working in the Financial industry for 30 years.  Regardless of your age or financial status, everyone needs some mentoring.  I was mentored at a young age, so I want to do the same for others.  I believe God wants us to make good investment decisions.  Just as two talents were turned into two more (Matthew 25:17), I want to use my knowledge to help others and further God’s Kingdom!  

In His Grace, 
Robert Ortega 

* Note Robert Ortega is not a licensed financial adviser and does not give specific investment advice.  He assists with the basics of managing budgets and the “how-to’s” of setting up investment portfolios.  All investments involve some risk. Any investments should be made only after consulting with your personal investment advisor, and only after reviewing the prospectus or financial statements of the company.  Church at the Well is not responsible for gains or losses as a result of your investment.

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Taking control of your finances can be a daunting decision, but is nothing to be ashamed of.
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