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Perfecting the Body

Every part of the body has its function. It's extremely important that each part continues to operate and function in a healthy manner. If your kidney begins to fail, you can't fool the body or dress it up to look like it's operating fine and healthy. In the same way that we, as the Body of Christ, cannot cover up our mess and dress it up to look "okay." The Church is called to become a Bride without blemish by perfecting the body and becoming more like Christ. This is a walking out process. The way we do this is by edifying one another and speaking truth through love.

Re-Focus My Faith

Gideon is known for his great faith. In fact, he is listed among the great men/women of faith in Hebrews 11. But how did Gideon get there? In the book of Judges, it describes Gideon as a man that needed God to prove Himself several times; this does not sound like a man with great faith. Gideon’s past and current circumstance played a negative part in his faith toward God. Doubt has crept in, fear changed how he saw God, and Gideon’s faith wavered. But God’s love, patience and grace for Gideon and Israel was greater. God met Gideon right where he was, and helped him heal, be restored, encouraged, and grow in his faith. Let’s see how this story unfolds and how it is applicable to our own lives today.

Let's Talk Church

Over the next several weeks we will spend some time discussing church. Many of us have our own ideas or views of what church is, who church is, and why have church. In fact, many are turned off just by the thought of church, which leads to a disinterest in knowing Jesus. The hope of this series is to provide clarity and revelation of who, what and why there is church. It is so much more than a building or a denomination or a theology. 

Embrace Your Storm

As those of us in Florida prepare to face Hurricane Dorian, I cannot help but reflect upon the story of the disciples as they faced a storm in Matthew 8. They were fearful and cried out to Jesus to save them! But as we will learn, it is not about the external storms we face, but the internal storm we battle that Jesus came to deliver us from. Jesus and His Word is the only true foundation, and if your house is built on His foundation, you can withstand any storm.

Get Out of the Boat

We hope you enjoy this powerful message from special guest, Colonel Tim Hudson!