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No Straw

Israel had a brick quota they had to meet as slaves, and if they did not meet it, they would face harsh consequences from the Egyptians. In Exodus, we discovered the Egyptians withheld straw from Israel, which hindered their ability to make bricks. However, Israel realized God did not forsake them, but He had a perfect plan to take care of them. Yes sometimes walking out God's plan can be tough, and MAY appear hopeless. We have to allow those difficult times to mature our character and cultivate a deep unyielding hope. How do you respond when your straw has been taken away?

A Church of Faith

Two key components of Christianity are faith and the church. This week, we will look at how these two facets are closely entwined and vital in the lives of Christians.

It's Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! Today is a day we have set aside to honor and recognize our moms and all they have done in our lives. Let's discover together how the role of moms fit into the perfect plan God has for mankind.

Your Testimony - It Wasn’t Easy

In Revelation 12, it states, "they overcame him (Satan) by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony." This made me reflect on the value and the power of our testimony. Our testimony, in a nutshell, is our lives. How we lived, what we lived for, who we lived for; choices, trials, blessings, victories, failures, the list goes on. Life is not easy, nor is our testimony easy. But in Christ, regardless of the difficulty or suffering we may have endured, through Christ our testimony will always say - "they overcame!"

It's Not About Being First

Too many times, we as people live our lives striving to be first at everything we do. We equate being first as someone who is successful, great, blessed, or favored by God. Especially as Americans, we are conditioned that our personal value is based on how successful we are. Are we first? But this definition is based on worldly standards: work titles, financial status, what we own, etc. All these things will fade away. But only life in Christ can true success be found. Striving after Him and measuring against His standard will bring everlasting life and peace. This is true success; this will make you first.

A Glorious Church

Jesus is coming back for a glorious church! Listen now as Pastor Ron Hunter defines what this looks like. 

We Are A New Creation

The love and grace of Jesus has given mankind the opportunity for redemption. Jesus' sacrifice provided us the opportunity to be "reborn" into a new creation. We are no longer sinners, but we have been reconciled to God to be His children. We are now given the chance to be joint heirs with Christ! It is up to you!

There Is A Price To Be Paid

Resurrection Sunday: 
Through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, we have been given salvation, hope and truth. The Father desires relationship with us not just today, but all 365 days of the year. Our journey doesn’t end at salvation; we have a choice to make every day to walk on the path God has put in front of us. Even though it comes at a cost, God paid the ultimate sacrifice. He has given us the strength to make the choice to die to our flesh, be a light in this broken world, and to fix our eyes on Christ every day.

Words Are Power

Today, we are bombarded with words and information. They come in forms of music, movies, social media, etc. But when you peel back the surface, whose voice is truly behind what you are receiving? Is it inspired by God or is it a distraction? 

The words we speak can and do impart life or death. Have you ever gotten in trouble because of something you said? The Bible states that out of the heart the mouth speaks, so what's influencing your heart? Whose voices are you listening to? What are you allowing to shape your heart? What are the words you're choosing to speak? It is a choice. 

We All Have Issues

In life we all have issues and face problems. Some because of our own personal choices, and other times due to spiritual matters out of our control. We have to have the courage to identify and face them, and allow Jesus to save us and set us free.