Ages 11 through 18

Young people are moved by what is real, relevant and tangible. Our Fountain of Youth ministry is aimed at presenting the Gospel with this in mind! Young people can join us to fellowship with their peers in an open environment where they know they matter. This is a place where young people can be HONEST, OPEN, HEARD, ACCEPTED, EQUIPPED and GROW in their faith. We want to see the next generation live as a light for Christ!

As Christians, we know that trusting in Jesus provides us with “living water,” and we encourage our youth to jump into the fountain of their faith and live it out!

Every 3rd Sunday after church


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First Time?

Tattoos or none, purple hair or no hair, teen mom or not, if you're between the ages of 11 and 18, WE WELCOME YOU!  

Whether your family has experienced divorce, you’re struggling with addictions or find yourself depressed and hopeless, we talk about these real concerns. We are here to help and to show God’s love, grace, peace and hope through it ALL! Fountain of Youth is a place where you can escape the chaos of life and belong to a culture where you are not judged or condemned. It’s an opportunity to pause, turn off the noise, move away from the screens, and discover God’s love for you. Here, you can be quirky, silly, and rambunctious. You can be YOURSELF! We care enough to listen, support and cheer each of you on as you face the challenges of faith and life.

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